In today’s world , era is of fast life. Every person is running on toe, on time. This is true for all age groups from child to elderly person. Everyone says we don’t have time, we are too busy. By doing so we tend to neglect our health. We just kind of dragging ourselves. And ultimately we are “BUNT OUT”. Then we tend to blame ourselves and realize the importance of health, body and  vitality. Health is something which we all want.

Now what is the understanding of “Health”-

H- Happy,

E- Encouraging,


L- Language,

T- Training to,

H- Help your illness.

Thus it is the freedom from disease or illness. Higher meaning of health could be as state of well being at the level of physical, mental and soul. Healthy ideal cure is in terms of peace of mind, body and soul. Though it sound bit philosophical but this is true. How? We will see later.

          According to Erikson  a famous psychologist and psychoanalyst, Human life is a total interaction between a person and his or her environment. Sociocultural factors influence personality growth and vice versa. Thus taking this aspect into consideration, ‘health’ is necessary tool for such an effective interaction with environment. It could be at the bodily as well at the emotional level so as to live our life positively and enriched with joy. Health is thus freedom at both physical & emotional level for contended living and to make world pleasure.

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