Shri Madhav Jethanand Joshi of the village Narayan Sarovar, was born in 10th July 1929.
He is lacks academic qualification but is full of the practical qualification.He was inspired when he saw birds flying in the sky at the age of 15 years.Later he developed and finished the art of writing poetry with the help of his Guru Late Laxminarayan who himself was a poet.He was connect to the press people and has written several press notes too form which he got fame.
he has written a lot of articles on the defence of Kutch in the newspaper such as 'Kutch Mitra, Mumbai Samachar'.He started giving talks related to Kutch on several topics,poetries on the Aakashwani in 1965.
He was a lover of the country right from his childhood, at the age of 7 years he participated in the rally of Vahar Sena and continued thereafter in the freedom struggle for which the Sharda mandir which was an National school encouraged him.He has also contributed for the development of kutchi society.
In 1979 he published a book 'Laeryun" which means waves and contains only his poems. Besides this he has also published books such as "Narayan sarovar Koteshwas", "Jai Ashapura Maa". His poems were appreciated by prominent personalities such as Duleray Karani who handed over his position and responsiblities of the Kutchi language to him.Since 1994 a book has been published which is in bimonthly known as "Kunjal ji Kunkar" meaning singing of the crane(bird) which include his articles,poems etc.

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