During the reign of Ra- Bawaa, under the Roan Jagir's rule, Thakkar Brothers possessing the surname Reladia were residing in the Manjal. Hence the name was conferred 'Manjal Reladia'. The village is 7Kms away from Dumra/Vinjan. Also it is near to Narayanpur and Rayandhanjar. Manjal Reladia is also called the Matheran as it is 250 feet above sea level. The greenary of the place is endless and a boon for cattle grazing.

Places worth visiting-Navlakha Dam, Lakahsar Lake, Cattles, Dharmshala-Anand Bhuvan, Plantation of 1000 to 2000 trees during tree plantation abhiyan was founded by Shree L.D Shah.

Population of Manjal Reladia is very less which includes K.V.O, K.D.O, Rajgor Brahmin, Lohana, Thakkrai(Rajput), Muslims, Rabaris and also Harijans and Bhatias. There is also a nursery and primary school which can accomodate almost 150 students. People living here though of different castes are very co-operative and of mixing nature whereby any group work can be done very easily. The students are getting encourage in all fronts of education. Even during drastic droughts feeding the cattle is a ever lasting activity.The main important activity of the villagers is Plantation which is worth appreciating. In the future thousands of plants will be planted whose plans have already been worked out by the Manjal Reladia Mitra Mandal Group which is organised by the Mumbai group. This Mandal manages various activities such as maintainence of all temples, educational, medical, and collection of drought relief funds etc.


Shree Padamshi Hirji Gada
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