*  Important Notes   *
l  Details of Dewara's Jinis
1) White cloth 2) khomblo 3) Lasa's cloth & lasa's Pathari 4) Orange cloth
l  Placing position from left side
1st-   Shri Ganesh (Orange cloth) 4th-  Khetarpaar (White cloth)
2nd-  Mataji (khomblo) 5th-  Mahavir (White cloth)
3rd-  Podsadada (Orange cloth) 6th-  4 Sagat (Lasa's cloth)
l  Note
1) During marriage while placing the Dewara make the place holy and then keep 2 kg. wheat,1dry coconut and 1 Ghee light (Diva) continuously lighted. After marriage prepare wheat Laapsi or Shira & distribute coconut prasad to everybody.
2) During marriage while bringing the Maataji from the sthaan put Rs. 1.25 in in the donation box & while sending Maataji back to the sthaan send Rs. 5.25 for sweets.
l  Procedure for untying Chheda Chhedi
1) After marriage Chheda Chhedi is untied at Maataji's Devsthaan by offering a pair of dry coconut. 
2) Prepare 4 kg. wheat Laapsi for Ladhapeer and offer 1 pair of dry coconut & then untie Chheda Chhedi.
3) For Khetarpaar Dada prepare 4 kg. Laapsi (Shira) & offer 1 cup of milk and then untie Chheda Chhedi.
4) Chheda Chhedi is untied at Gebanshah peer's sthaan by offering 1.25 kg. groundnut or 1.25 kg. Kharek & 1 pair of dry coconut.