l Surname - Chheda
l Mataji's Name -Ambika Mataji At Rayan(Kanji Khimji Chheda's House)
l Wedding Juwar
l Procedure of bringing Devara

During the marriage Devara have to be brought from Rayan and Mokhla.For bringing Devara from Rayan Rs.5.25 and 1.25 kg. sweet (Bhaar) have to be sent.  Also 4 different types of Jini viz  White, Laso, Khembo and Keshariya, pathari for all the 4 jini and lasani have to be sent.  While bringing Devara little jaggery have to be offered.

l Procedure for placing Devara:

On the right side, first Rayan's devara have to be placed and then native place  Devara has to be placed.
First        Ganesh      White

Second     Gaatrod    Laso cloth
Third        Mataji      Khombo
Forth        Pudhsa     Keshariya 
l Items and Procedure for Juwar:

The Devara have to be placed after noon.  If the marriage is of first child then 5 patai wheat have to be offered.  For the marriage of second child and conscutive children 2.5 patai wheat, dry coconut, Diva (light) has to be kept in a dish.  After doing ghee diva and dhoop 2.5 patai's  shira has to be offered.  First annual Chadtar juwar has to be done by wearing Bandhani saree and then water has to be sprinkled.

l Items required for second days's morning juwar:

1)    2.5 patai's shira or laapsi to be fed to daughter (nujani) and brahmin

2)    1.25 patai's ladoo for mataji
3)    2.5 Ghadiya wheat flour for preparing 14 pieces of khaja

4)    2.5 Ghadiya wheat flour for preparing 14 pieces of madhujani and 14 markali

5)    2.5 patai's til
6)    2.5 Ghadiya shira or laapsi for Gaatrod
7)    2 bouls to be filled by 125 gms ghee and 125 gms jaggery
8)    5 bouls to be filled by 65 gms ghee and 65 gms jaggery
9)    2.5 patai thotha

All the items mentioned above should be prepared. First the dewara's jini has to be changed, then Diva dhoop has to be done and then all the items mentioned above have to be offered.  After breaking the coconut water has to be sprinkled.  The parents and the son or daughter has to sit together and worship with jowar or moong.  After the marriage juwar is offered, then the same shira has to be offered to 7 daughters (niyani) and brahmins.  First 7 daughters (niyani) right toe has to be washed by water and drunk, the rest has to be sprinkled on the trees and then served. First the daughter (niyani) is served and then the brahman haves lunch.If the brahmin is not present then his food should be kept aside.  Every daughter (niyani) has to be given Rs.1.25.  The Brahmin has to be given 2 meter cloth and Rs.5.25 as dakshina.  If the marriage is of first child then in the evening 2.5 patai's shira has to be prepared and for later marriage sweets have to offered.

l Notes:

1)    If the marriage of first son or daughter then the procedure which is  done on the first day has to be done on the second day.

2)    For the later marriages Juwar's procedure has to be done for one day.

3)    For removing Devara, Diva has to be lighted and any prasadi has to be offered.

4)    For sending Dewara back to Rayan, Rs.11 and the Jini's which have been chganged have to be sent.  While keeping the Devara back jaggery has to be offered.

5)    Devara's wheat has to be sent to brids and the coconut has to be given to daughters (Niyani)