l Surname - Chheda
l Mataji's Name -Ambika Mataji At Kundroli
l Wedding Juwar
l Procedure of bringing Devara from Devstan To Mumbai

At every Devastan new cloth Jeni's in which lasso, keshariyo, white voil 0.5-0.5 metre and 2 khomba etc. have to be taken.  All these new Jini's have to be exchanged at every Devasthan (Mataji, ganesh, Podsadada, Khetarpaar, Sagat, etc.,) by renouning the old jini and offering 1.25 pasnut jaggory, rest has to be offered at thatsthan.  The rest of prasad has to given to the main person.  Also Dhoop, Diva has to be done, songs according to the event have to be sung and Dandiy's 50 sticks should be taken.

l Marriage Juwar ( In Mumbai)
l Items and Procedure for Juwar:  

5 paati dry prasad has to be offered to all the devaras in morning and evening.  Also from one Kutchi 3.75 sher prasad (podsa's 1.25 sher and Mataji's 2.5 sher) one ladoo has to be removed and prepare 2.5 paati's talpinda keep 2.5 paati wheat in from of Dewara.  Change the wheat and offered coconut everyday.  This wheat can be given to the pigeons and the dry coconut has to be given to the daughter (niyani)

l Marriage Juwar ( at native place)

1)    For bringing mataji from Devasthan 1.25 sher jaggory has to be taken.


2)    For placing mataji in the house first offer jaggory and then 2.5 patti' shir

  3)    For agains placing Mataji in the Devasthan 1.25 kg any prasad
l Items:  

1)    2.5 paati's shira

  2)    2.5 paati's talpinda