l    Surname - Chheda
l   Mataji's Name - Amba Mata At Nana Bhadiya
l   Wedding Juwar( In Mumbai)
l   Item required
2.5 paati's talpinda for either son or daughter's marriage.
l  Items required for placing Dewara

1)    2.5 paati's laapsi

2)    2.5 paati's talpinda

l   Uthapan:

2.5 paati's laapsi

1)    For marriage of 1s child dev will wake for 2 nights
2)    For later child's marriage Dev will wake for 1 night.
l   Marriage Juwar ( at native place)

1)    When the Kuldevi is brought home, 2 dry coconut and Rs.1.25 have to be sent.

2)    When the Kuldevi ie established then the arrived Kuldevi's Jini's have to be placed.

3)    Next day the same amount of Jini's have to be changed.

4)    Then third day the Jini's have not to be changed. Sagatmata's Pathare has to be of lasa.  Place Jini's 1st of whete and 2nd of khomba.Place seven Jini's as shown below

1st        White 4th        Laso 7th        White
2nd        Zaveropto 5th        Keshariyo
3rd        Khombo 6th        KHombo
l   Items required:
1)    On the day when Mataji is established 1.25 patal's shira for sagat
2)    Bhaduja kuldevi mata's 2.5 patal wheat shira
On the 2nd Day for Sagat :
1)    2.5 patal's wheat shira 2)    1.25 patal's patal's tilpinda 3)    1.25 patal's gogri of juwar
For Bhaduja Kuldevi Mata's :
1)    5 patal wheat shira 2)    2.5 patal tilpinda 3)    2.5 gogri of juwar