l      Surname - Karani
        Mataji's name : Karani mata or Momaya mata

The quality of things required for Karani mata's juwar is the same respective of whether it is first or last chield (son or daughter)

l     Umbar Juwar

This juwar is done before Samota on Monday or Fridays.  The Samota is also done on Monday or Fridays.

Item required : 5 kg. Til (10 paati)
l     Procedure:
Take 5 kg til and make 16-16 chaldiyo.  Keep the chaldiyo on both sides of umbar in a big dish.  Make a sathiya in the middle of the dish and light a ghee lamp diva.  Then offer dinner to Diwali person.  One ofthe family member can become a Diwali person.
l    Marriage mandva's Juwar (when we place Mataji)
l    Item required

a)    2.5 kg wheat ( 5 paati) for making shira or laapsi or ladoo

b)    2 kg wheat ( 4 paati) for mandhiyani, marakli, gloi and khaja
c)    3 kg Akha ( 6 pati) for phui along with one dress material or saree

d)    17. 5 kg. wheat (35 paati) on the marriage day make required quantity of shira and the rest has to be placed in front of Mataji.32 people have to be fed.

l  Surname - Shahnand
l   Marriage Juwar
l   Item required
a)    2.25 paati's laapsi
b)    2.25 paati's mandhiyani - morkhadi khaja - boli
c)    1.25 paati laapsi when Mataji is placed
d)    1.25 Ghadiya's laapsi when mataji is removed
e)    Forpaternal aunty (phui) one mai jod
f)    Goyni - 32 for first child's marriage
g)    Goyni - 16 for second child's marriage
h)    Goyni - 8 for each remaining child's marriage