l   Surname - Baroi
l   Mataji's Name - Sachha Mata
l   Devara's - establishment:
l   Item required & Procedure:
a)    1st day (in the evening)   1)    1.25 kg. (2.5 paati) wheat's laapsi

2)    1.25 kg (2.5 paati) wheat, 1 dry coconut all the things to be kept near devara

b)    2nd day (in the morning)    

1)    1.25 kg (2.5 paati) wheat to be kept  Devara.  If devara wake for 2  nights keep 1.25 kg. wheat near Devara on the third day.    

c)    3rd day (in the morning)     1)    3.25 sher wheat's makal

2)    1.25 pavla wheat for preparing 16puri, 16 mandhiyani, 16 marakli

  3)    16 Cloves, 16 Elaichi, 16 Supari,pieces, handful of moong dal,handful of rice, 16 papad, fill all the things mentioned above in 16 Dadiya and then change the Devara's Jini.

On the Marriage day   

1)    Before the invitees proceed towards the marriage hall the followings things have to be offered.

Items :Marakli, Clove, Supari, Papad, Rice, Moong Dal's, Khichdi, 1.25 shira's,Makal (16 pieces), and 1.25 kg. (2.5 paati) til's, tilpinda.

2)    After tje inmvities go, the following things have to be offered.
 Items :2.5 kg. til, Tilpinda

l   Note:
1)    Madvasa has to be done for seven months
2)    The chheda chhedi is untied in front of the Jakjdada

3)    During the wedding or before the wedding the mundan ceremony has to be done.  There are no definite principles.