l Surname - Gala (Native place Wadala) Ishrani family
l Mataji's Name - Vishal Mata
l Wedding Juwar

During the weeding juwar the Dev (Devara) wake for 2 nights.

1)    For the first marriage of either son or daughter the following  procedure has to be followed.

l Item required
First day 1)    5 kg. wheat'si 4)    14 bauls to be filled by jaggery & ghee
2)    5 kg. wheat or juwar's thota 5)    2 dry coconut
3)    3.5 kg. til's pinda
Second day 1)    2.5 kg. Khinkhed 3)    14 bouls to be filled
2)    1.75 kg. til's pindi 4)    2 dry coconut
The similar procedure is repeated on the 2nd day.

l Points to be noted for second son or daughter's marriage

1)    If the first marriage is of daughter and the second marriage is of son then the same procedure and quantity of juwar has to be done for second marriage.

2)    If the first marriage is of son and the second marriage is of son or daughter then the procedure remains same but the quantity of juwar has to half the quantity mentioned above.