l Surname - Gala
l Mataji's Name - Vishal Mata
l Wedding Juwar
l Item required & procedure:  
1)    For marriage or mundan 5 paati (2.5 kg.) wheat has to kept in front of mataji.
  2)    2.5 patti (1.25 kg.)  wheat has to be kept for marriage.

3)    For the marriage of first child  5 patti (2.5 kg.) Ghodpapadi or shira has to be prepared and 5 paati (2.5 kg.) talpinda has to be prepared When the Dev wake for 2 nights then prepare 2.5 patti (1.25 kg.)   talpinda for two days.


4)    For the marriage of second child and other consecutive child's marriages prepare 2.5 patti (1.25 kg.) ghodpapadi or shira, 2.5 patti til and 9 bouls have to be filled by ghee and Jaggery.