l  Surname - Gala
l Mataji's Name - Sachha Mata
l Wedding Juwar
l Item required & procedure:
1)    For mataji's establishment - 250gms laapsi
2)    The next day's  morning juwar of sati mataji :-

          1 kg. laapsi, 250 gms gogri, 250 gms modak, 250 gms talpinda,1.25 kg. Aageni's phako only for first           marriage.

3)    For mataji :- 2 kg. laapsi, 1.25 kg. talpinda
l Note:

1)    If the marriage is of first son or daughter then the juwar have to  be done for 2 days.

2)    If the first marriage is of daughter and the second marriage of son then all the juwar have to be done for        2 days.

3)    After the son's marriage 1 kg laapsi has to be prepared for Mataji's utthapan.