l  Surname - Rambhia
 l  Mataji's Name- Sachha Mata (Dev Sthan - Ramania)
 l  Wedding Juwar
If marriage Mundan vidhi is over, then during marriage Mataji has to be brought for 1 night.
 l   Items required on marriage day (For son or daughter)
1) 1 dish Shira
2)1 kg. sweet (Any)
 l  Note
During Mundan vidhi any item for 25 kg. wheat has to be prepared. Mataji has to be brought in Gundala.in the native's place house.Mataji will wake for two nights. During Samota songs have to be sung and during Mundan from the sweets which have been made, 1 kg sweet which have not been tasted has to be offered to Mataji and  on the Mundan day Mataji's jini's have to be changed.