*  Juwar (Devara)   *
l  Surname - Lapasia
l  Mataji's Name - Shri Bhavani Mata
l  Wedding Juwar
l   Items required
A) When Mataji is placed in the house- 1) 1 kg. Laapsi
B) While taking Mataji from the house-1) 1.25 kg. Jaggery
C) After the marriage when Mataji is placed back to the sthaan-1) 1.25 kg. Jaggery
D) While sending Mataji out of India Rs. 15 have to be placed
l  Items required & procedure for marriage Juwar
!) For first marriage of child-
1) 5 kg. Laapsi 2) 2.5 kg. Tilpinda   3) 1.25 kg. Gogri 4) 5.25 kg. Wheat
All the above items have to be first placed near Mataji and then fed to the birds. 8 kgs. bhaar has to be sent to daughters (Niyanis).
l  Note
If the first marriage is of daughter & the second of son then during the son's marriage the same items & procedure has to be repeated.
2) For the rest marriage
1) 2.5 kg. Laapsi
2) 1.25 kgs. Tilpinda
3) 2.5 kgs. wheat for keeping near Mataji which has then to be fed to birds
4) 4 kg. bhaar which has to be sent to be sent to the daughters (Niyani)
3) For Samota
1) 1 kg. Laapsi 2) 7 pieces of Roti
4) For untying chheda chhedi
1) 2 dry coconut 2) 2.5 kg. Laapsi
3) 2.5 kg. full groundnuts