l  Surname - Sangoi
l  Mataji's Name - Sachha Mata
l  Wedding Juwar
For the marriage of first child dewara will wake for two nights. 
l  Items required
1st Day
1) 5 Kg. laapsi or Shira. 2) 1.5 kg. Tilpinda (2.5 Paati)
2nd Day
1) 5 Kg. Laapsi or Shira 3) 1.25 kg. Khaja
2) 1.5 kg. Tilpinda (2.5 Paati) 4) 1.25 kg. Ghugri to be filled in 5 bawls.
l  Note
1) For the marriage of second child prepare half the quantity mentioned above but if the first marriage is of daughter & the second marriage is of son then prepare full quantity mentioned above.
2) It is not necessary to cook the whole quantity mentioned above, but only a part of it can be cooked & the rest can be fed to cows.
3) While bringing Mataji from the Devsthaan offer 1.25 kg. prasadi. Also while sending Mataji to the Devsthaan 1.25 kg. prasadi has to be offered.
4) While untying the chhedachhedi prasadi has to be taken.
l  Position of Mataji's Jinis
Jinis   pathari
1) Ganeshji white (1)    White
2) Small cheli's Red Bandhni (3) Red Bandhni's Pathari
3) Big Mataji Red Bandhni (1)
4) Sagat Mataji Laso Maroon (3) Laso maroon