l  Surname - Saiya
l  Mataji's Name - Sachha Mata ( Gelda )
l  Wedding Juwar
l  Items required
(A) For first child's marriage
1) 2.5 kg. Laapsi to be prepared for 2 days. (Total 5 kg.)
(B) For remaining children's marriage.
1) 2.5 kg. Laapsi to be prepared only for one day.
l  Note
1) While bringing Maataji from the sthaan Rs. 1.25 have to be kept & while sending the Mataji back to the sthaan 4 sher's Bhaar has to be sent. For first child's marriage send a golden tildi & 4 sher Kutchi Bhaar to Maataji.
2) Chhedachhedi is untied at Paboo Peer in Ghelda by offering Rs. 1.25 pedi & 1 pair of dry coconut.