Navinal village is located to the west of India and to the south of Kutch district in Kanti section.Navinal is the part of Mundra taluka near the Arabian sea.
Navinal village has passed on the heridietry to shri Rayabji from his father shriGodhji in saga year 1775,but Jadeja's preferred to stay in Kandhagara than in Navinal. However,thier heirs prince Rayabji alias Bavaji settled in Navinal in saga year 1845.
Jaser, Chavda,Turks,Harijans and Mahajans were already settled in Navinal before Jadeja's.Among theMahajan's,Vora's were the first to settle in this village. Later on Gala's, Pethad's,Mota's, Chheda's, Dharod, Buriya and Dedhia's also joined Vora's.Besides Mahajans,few Thakkar's,Barots,Brahamins,Karbhari's etc also settled in this village.

B) Memorable Events:

· Vikram Savant (VS) 1954: An Epidemic of Plague due to which the whole village was vacant. Such situation arised 4 times up to VS 1974.
· VS 1975: The Live Stocks were affected by influenza. Also there was a severe drought condition.
· VS 1978: The School was awarded as The Best School in Mundra Taluka.
· VS 1981: A Shang (group) of Sheth Sevantilal Nagindas from Paatan arrived Navinaal.
· VS 1982: An excellent organization of 3 days program where Mahajans of 8 other villages were invited for dine.
· VS 1983: On 5th of Vaishakh Vad month Acharyaji Shri Vrujkuvarbai of Sthanakwasi Aanth Koti Moti Paksha took Diksha.
· VS 1983: Due to flood, 200 workers from Bhujpur village were given shelter & food by Navinal Mahajans.
· VS 1985: Patels, Choudharis and many other visited Navinal for 9 days
· VS 1986: Thanakwasi Motipax, Nanipax & Derawasi unitedly enjoyed and managed thousands of visitors with full hospitality during the Chaturmas of Pujya Shri Kanji Swami.
· VS 1996: Severe Drought condition and thereby more than 250 cattle were taken care with the help of generous donors and later sent to Mundra Panjrapole.
· VS 2014: Son of Shah Pasu Vasu & Meghbai - Ratna Shri Liladharbhai took Diksha at very young age in the auspicious month of Vaishakh in Aanth Koti Nani Paksha.
· VS 2015: Every house in village was enlightened with the arrival of electricity.
· VS 2019: On 6th of Bhadarva Vad month Mahasati Mithibai Swami started fast unto death (Ansan Vrath).
· VS 2020: On 5th of Kartak Sud month after completing 46 fast The Divine Soul lived the body of Mahasati Mithibai Swami.
· VS 2023: From 10th of Chaitra Vad month to 2nd of Vaishakh Sud month a Pratistha Mohatsav was celebrated with full enjoyment. The Temple was renovated and new God & Goddess' statues were brought. Continuous various religious activities were carried on & the whole environment was filled with spirituality.
· VS 2029: Whole village was enlightened with road lights.
· VS 2033: On 6th of Chaitra Vad month a procession for Jal Yatra was moved around the village.
· VS 2035: On 13th of Vaishakh Sud month Son of Shri Tejshi Bhavanji Vora - Chi. Dilipbhai took Diksha in Shri Sthanakwasi Aanth Koti Nani Paksha.

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