• PADMASHAN :-used during meditation & effective on internal glands,asthma, hysteria & stamina of the body.
  • PARVATHASHAN :-gives exercise to muscles & increases life span of a person. Keeps lungs, stomach & spinal cord healthy.
  • PASHIMOTASHAN :-increases the potential of the liver & digestive organs & decreases obesityof the body. Treats constipation & loss of appetite.
  • VAKRASHAN :-Makes mind active, increases intelligence & makes waist flexible.
  • SHAVASHAN :-Separates body from soul. Best relaxation posture for body & mind, relives from depression & rejuvenates the whole body.
  • PAWAN MUKTASHAN :-pressing the stomach with legs in sleeping position treats problems related to gas, indigestion, womb, worms, vat, swelling of stomach, heart disease & lungs.
  • SARVANGASHAN :-Ideal ashana for vitalizing the body & keeping it healthy. Treats diseases related to night discharge, digestive system, leg pain, anaemia, lady diseases, etc.

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