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  • Boil milk properly & make it into half.
  • Stir it continuously so that cream does not get on milk.
  • Mix sugar in the milk and taste it when the milk thickens.
  • The taste & smell gets less when the ice cream gets stiff.
  • To thicken the milk use GELATIN, G.M.S, C.M.C, STABALIZER, CORNFLOUR.
  • For making ice cream fast use flat vessel.
  • Cover the ice cream vessel with lid, so that the ice cream gets ready fast.
  • Add cornflour or milk powder in water or milk.
  • Otherwise the ingredient may lump.
  • Keep refrigerator on fast while setting ice cream.
  • If you want to add fruits or dry fruits in the ice cream, then put it the second time when you churn it & then put the ice cream for setting.
  • Soak dry fruits in water for sometime before putting in the ice cream.
  • Put the ice cream tray directly in the fridge.
  • Don't keep it on the tray or plate.
  • First make ice cream of 500lt milk.
  • Ice creams are made from different types.
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