Cake tips
  There are 5 important steps to be taken care of:
Batter (dough) for sponge:
  • Preferably do not use sugar in sponge cakes if at all you use it then see to it that there are no granules left.
  • Always sweeten the sponge by moistening it with sugar water.
  • Also add the ingredients in proper quantity.
  • Any ingredients used for cake must be at room temperature.
  • Only use Aluminum Baking Tin.
  • Aluminum maintains uniform temperature.
  • Always beat the batter in one direction.
  • If you use self-raising flour instead of maida, then make half the quantity of soda & baking powder.
  • Whenever you use maida for cake, sieve it before use so as to make your cake soft & fluffy.
  • For fresh fruit cakes, always marinate the fruits before use or use canned fruits.
  • In bakeries, improvers are used to soften the cakes but improvers may not be good for health & also are not easily available.
Dusting & Greasing the vessel:
  • See that you grease the vessel properly.
  • Even the sides are not left out.
  • When you dust the vessel do not use hands, just sprinkle the flour on greased areas.
  • You can grease the vessel with salted butter or white butter or with margarine.
  • Do not use ghee.
  • For dusting you can use self-raising flour or maida flour.
  • While baking the sponge, take care it doesn’t burn.
  • Also see that the vessel is kept properly.
  • Use aluminum vessel only.
  • Testing whether baked or not is important.
  • For testing sponge, do not open the full lid of cooker.
  • Do not test it by poking knife.
  • Moistening cake is very important as it saves it from hardening.
  • Moist it properly with sugar water (1-cup water & 2-tspn. Sugar).
  • It also makes it tastier.
  • Icing is very important.
  • See that sugar, colour & essence are properly mixed and are also in proper quantity.
  • Use icing sugar only for icings.
  • Before buying margarine see that it is not salty.
  • Beat margarine properly till it is softened.
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