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Basic Tips for Making any Chinese Recipe
  • How to cook noodles: Take vessel, fill half of it with water, add 2 Tb. Sp of oil boil water on a fast gas. add noodles cook it for 5 o 6 min. Sieve noodles and drain water. Then put cold water. Put 2 sp oil in noodles. use after 1 hour.

  • To Fry Noodles: Take boil noodles put oil and corn flour put it on a cloth. after 2 hour put oil in a pan and fry until it turns into golden brown.

  • White Sauce: 1 cup milk. ½ cup refined flour. 2 Tb. sp butter mix it in a pan and stir it. when it becomes thick remove from gas and put salt, pepper, grated cheese mix it.

  • chilly vinegar: Finely chopped chilly & put it in a white vinegar for 2 hours. Serve with Chinese recipe.

  • Combination of Chinese can be normal & spicy, spicy & sweet. like Szechwan rice, Fried rice, Singapore rice, Jeera rice, Fried rice, Hakka noodles, Corn curry.

  • Rice: In Chinese, noodles and rice are important. They are not fully cooked. Rice should be parimal or surti kolam. Wash 1cup rice. Boil 5cup water. As the water starts boiling add rice in it. Stir it continuously. When the rice starts boiling put 3tea sp.oil in it & filter it. If rice is over cooked then add cold water on the filtered rice. Always cook rice 2 hrs before making any item.
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