Khanjari is very simple in construction. Khanari consists of an open round wooden frame which is about ten inchesin diameter and two and a half inches broad. It is covered with skin on one side and thej other side is left open. The frame or the rim has two parallel rows of jingle plates and each plate is inserted in the frame held by a hole in the lower side.So when the Khanjari is shaken , a beautiful  sound of a large nujmber of jingle plate is interacted with rhythimic structure of the beats on membrane.

         While playing the Khanjari, it is held in the left hand and the palm and fingers of the right hand and thel palm and fingers of the right hand are used to strike the skin. Usually the skin remais so much stretched that while playing it one has to apply little water to make it loose for the required pitch. To produce the variety in sound , the skin is pressed near the rim with the four finger. 

Name & Address of Performing Folk Musician:- Prangiri P. Goswami
Add:- Dheba Falia,
          Bhuj- Kutch.

Name & Address of  Artisan who makes the Musical Instrument:- Rajaram M. Solanki & Jitendra R. Solanki
Add:- Bhuj-Kutch.

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