1) Religious Activities

2) Educational Activities

3) Social Activities

Religious Activities

a) Building and handling of temple and upashrya by the people of Koday.

b) Proper arrangement of saints during chaturmas is done by the people of Koday.

c) Arrangement of Religious teaching are undertaken by the people of Koday.

d) Supply of foodgrains for pigeon.

e) Relief plan during Natural epidemics.

Educational Activities

a) Shri Koday Balmandir imparts education to small children.

b) High school for primary and secondary students are organised by Shri Sarasvatam Institute.

c) Scholorships are sponsored by Dr Morarji Shamji Smarak Fund.

d) Library facilities.

Social Activities

a) 24hrs.telephon facilities.

b) Water supply,Development of roads and Tree plantation.

c) Data base of people.

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