From last many years because of continuous famines in the village and due to the country where educational and business opportunities are easily available. Jain population is becoming lesser and lesser in our village. For the same reasons Lohana's & Bhatia's population have become less in numbers. When the whole kutch situation is like this,Laija is not exceptional.The situation was difficult but less than the other villages.

Rich and upper middle class family started migrating to other villages because of lack of proper facilities available in Laija,though they loved their village.

But the time changed,and to bring the flow of prosperity in the village some wealthy family turn to the native place to increase the necessary facilities in the village. As a result of this travellers got attracted towards the village and it became nice place for spending a vacation.

In the past Laija has given its guidelines in the different fields to the Kutch. Even today Nandanvan-cowshed, water purifying management, forestation, possibilities of industrial development, Tata group planning to invest billions of rupees, all these things brightens the furture of Laija.



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