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                VIJAY SAGAR DAM

Vijay Sagar Dam is the biggest dam in kutch.Vijay Sagar Dam was build 

 in 1948 at the cost of  Rs. 6,53,352.Thecurchment area of the dam is 

 88.50 sq. mile  and the ogen level is 153 feet .The dam is 65 feet deep .

 The water storage capacity is 735.22 M.C.F.T.(Million CubicFeet) .

 The canal is 16 mile long.

Vanothi Dam was build in 1951.The total cost construction for building


                    VANOTHI DAM

this dam was Rs. 2,50,159.The curchment area of the dam is 14 square 

mile.Dam is 36 feet deep.The ogan level is 205.50 and ogan length is

150 feet.The water storage capacity of the dam is 88.13 M.C.F.T.(

Million Cubic Feet.


           School  And  Library

In 1956(2012) Shri Jain Sangh spend  a big amount say Rs.42,000 to  

build Primary School.This educational process was still in progress.As 

a result of this,on 16/06/1968 Secondary School was formed by Jain  

Sangh.There is one library situated in Visrani Galli.This home was do-

nated by Ravjibhai Jesang on 19/03/1958 to Shri Jain Sangh .  


 First time in 1959 S.T. bus was came in the village at Devri Pada bus 


                       Bus Stand

stand .At the time of First World War 'NAVIOR' named red bus used 

to travel between Mandvi and Bhuj.At present daily 60 buses are comi-

ng at bus stand which is 1 K.M. away from village and on Bhuj-Mand-

vi road.There is one Dharmashala and small room for water. 


                Water  Program

Entering from the beautiful entrance situated on Bhuj-Mandvi road, in  
the village on the left hand side there is one well .Water of this well is 
stored in big tank near Darbar Gadh through electric pipe.From this 
tank water is supplied to all in the village .This programme was started
in 14/06/83 at the cost of Rs.2,00,000 .

Electricity Facillity

The first electricity connection was started in 1972.This was the first step of the
village towards modern technology .

Dena Bank

Dena Bank was started on 31/7/1977 which was inogurated by Ratanshi Devji .
Thus ,From That Day Banking Service is continuing in village .

Telephone Service

On 20/06/1980,telephone exchange started in the village.Thus due to tele comm-
unication sytem ,Mota Aasambia village linked with world. 11 connection were
established in starting.

Tab project

At last in 1984 ,everyone got water at their door step through tab.Under this

project tab connection are given in each house



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