To maintain our traditional virtues, rich culture & heritage it is necessary that our present & coming generation remain in touch with our native place. Equally important is to enjoy nature & its beauty.


In this regards Panjokutch appreciates the initiative taken by Mota Asambia K.V.O. Mahajan, Mota Asambia Yuvak Mandal & Mota Asambia Pragati Mahila Mandal to build A Senotorium:

·         Kutch is gifted with natural & pollution free environment with dry climate, which in itself is a cure for many diseases.

·         On other hand Mota Asambia enjoys all infrastructural facilities like water, electricity, communication links, bank, etc…


To be more beneficial Panjokutch suggest:

·         Small Cottages / tenements arranged in “U” shape, facing one another taking care of privacy without making you feel lonely.

·         Water supply for 24 hours a day, swimming pool & other hydro treatment facilities like steam bath, sona, jakusi, whirl pool, etc… can be set up at a cost not more than Rs. 10 lakhs & storing minimum fix quantity of water & then reusing it with the help of Filtration Plant.

·         Lodge serving delicious cuisine at convenient hours.

·         Utility items like utensils, refrigerator, mixer, hand blender, television, generators, etc… should be available on hire basis.

·         Maids available 365 days of the year.

·         All facilities should be available to conduct various entertainment activities – get to gather, fun fairs, cultural & social functions, etc…

·         Hall for a variety of activities like yoga, meditation, laughing club, aerobics, medical camps, etc…

·         Beside a naturopathy centre, with facilities for mud bath, sun bath, etc… can also be set up at negligible cost.

·         Arrangements can be made regular weekly or fortnightly Doctor’s visit.

·         Facilities needs to be developed where elders can spent their retired life permanently helping in managing The Senotorium.

·         Floral Garden with rides & games.

·         Library, which may consist religious as well as educational books.

·         Computer lab with Internet & audio-video web conferencing facility.


Panjokutch also appeal one & all to regularly visit Kutch & arrange trips to Kutch for:

·         Functions like mataji’s jwar, saint’s gathering, social gathering, etc... should be held regularly.

·         Make people aware of exclusive Kutch handicrafts, Kutchi musical instruments, forts & museums, ancient civilization, etc... by organising variety programs.

·         Provide business opportunities to artisans & others residing in Kutch.


Interconnectivity among the members (village natives) staying in local area, out station & abroad will further boost society-uplifting activities. It is possible by:

·         Having an interactive & user friendly website.

·         Connecting every member from local area, out station & abroad through this website.

·         Availing every member an individual e-mail address.

·         Motivating them to explore the benefits of surfing, search facility, email, password security, chat, web conferencing, etc…



Natives of Mota Asambia are business minded in this regards Panjokutch suggest to:

·         Spread awareness regarding e-business & capturing International Market.

·         Start marketing centre to boost various cottage industries.

·         Avail benefits of bulk purchasing.

·         Start business information & guidance centre.



It is also necessary to:

·         Carry out census systematically & derive necessary statistics.

·         The statistical analysis shall bring the clear picture of our society & help us to take necessary upgrading decisions. For instance:

·         Listing unmarried boys & girls then helping them to find an appropriate match.

·         Listing professionals to avail their expertise help & guidance whenever required.

·         Listing unemployed youngsters & finding appropriate job for them.

·         Provide platform to explore the talent of our society.


Panjokutch also recommends to involve the young blood in various activities & also carry out:

·         Arrange get to gather of youngsters every Sunday during which various activities can be conducted like vocational guidance, career oriented courses, cooking, beauty, yoga, public speaking, computer education, debates, religious preaching, seminars & workshops, personality development, etc… for more visit

·         For doing these activities one can use public places like garden, park, play ground, member’s premise, house, building compound or terrace, garage, or can even hire hall at subsidised rate, collect advertisements, avail sponsorship, etc…

·         Institutions can also arrange factory & educational visits, adventurous & summer camps, Diwali / winter camps to Kutch, picnic, slide shows, cultural programs, etc…


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