Every Village has its own identity due to its art, culture, language, and other factors. "Nagrecha" Village is almost 400 Yrs old and there is a history hidden is name itself. The Original name of Nagrecha was "Nage Jo Vaas" which means "Home Land of Snakes". ( People of Nagrecha use to frequently go to that place to impress to Nag Devta and gain gold coins from them. )However passage of time the name "Nage Jo Vaas" has been changed to "Nagrecha" .

Before Saga Year 1810 : - Rao Shri Khengarji - I gave Nagrecha and other 11 villages to Mayeya - Barach Rajput as a gift from his services. Baracho Rajput Invited Hajaji Thakur of Kothara and offered him "Atha Praja" Land for Security against Mothara.

Saga Year1810 : - Keshavji Bava Built Fort.

Saga Year 1835 : - Mir Bijar of Sindh attacked kutch. However Jagidar of Nagrecha - Jadeja Keshar Bava Rao Shri Defeted Sindh Army.

Saga Year 1850 : - Birth of Kunvar Prithvirajji son of Jijabai. He was later Elected as Jagidar of Nagrecha, Kunvar Chandaji was elected at the edge of 8, He removed the misunderstanding between British and Kutch Government. He was Honest, Hard Working and truth Loving Person.

Around Saga Year 1916 : - Chandaji using his intelligence made treaty between wageras and gaikwads and thus saved temples from being destroyed.

Saga Year 2020 : - Jain Temple was Built.

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