A novel path to the sucess of Koday

Koday is situated on the bank of river Rukmavati and next to Bhaunter Jinalaya.It is recognised for its multipurpose activities.It is consider as one of the foremost villages which tried to eradicate blind faith and old custom.It has obtained a respectable position in our K.V.O. community and will always be at the top most position in our community because of its all round activities.
The atmosphere of Koday village is well suited for all round development of a person. Hence,it is obvious that it creates decency among the people of this village.They have established new dimensions in different field such as Business, Education, Social, etc.not only in their own community but all over in the World with the help of their intellectual mind.
The Main Gate Of Koday
Activities done by people of Koday
Picture library of all important places in Koday
Mahila Mandal
Mahajan Committee
Telephone Directory Opening Ceremony by Koday Mahajan
Photographs of the function held at Kamgar Maidan on 13/1/2002

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