Maharao Lakhapatji
Maharao Godji -II
Maharao Raydhanji-II
Maharao Bharmalji-II
Maharao Deshalji -II
Maharao Pragmalji-II       1860-1875 
Maharao Khengarji-lll
Maharao Vijayrajji

18 Maharao Madansinhji March '48- June'48


    In the time of Rao Raydhanji I, the districts of Ahmedabad had sent Muazim Beg a sardar to Jehangir for reversal of tax collection. And after the mediation of Peer Shah Murad this became possible. This matter is significant in political circles. Muslim influence was at its peak in the time of Rao Raydhan II. But one must agree that in the ruling history of Kutch right from Mughal emperors to Muslim peers, sultans, Fakirs, Auliyas, and Senapatis have played an important role. Ignoring a few setbacks Kutch communal harmony and unity has prevailed.

As it is there is disintegration among the Sammas and the Lakhiar viaras have tried to set their foot. During the rule of Rao shri Pragmalji I i.e. 1667 to 1715 he gifted many parts of the land to his kith and kin and landlords and in this way a new part was played by them against the established landlords of the land. This problem had to be solved by the Britishers and then by the Kutch government and then by the Gujrat State government.

Pragmalji I defeated Morbi’s Kayaji and befriended Navanagar’s Jam and the Jadejas of Kutch and in return the fort of Badamba was given to him and thus he became a powerful ruler of Kutch and he became Maha Rao.

Rao shri Lakhpatji : During Godji state rule to amend his father’s mistakes and in the process he got back from Haloji the districts of Mundra, Anjar, Chovisi and Kanthi. In Kothara in Abdasa, Nagrecha and Kotdi villages he helped in agriculture there.

In this time the agricultural progress of the Kutchi people happened. Despite this the collection of the rulers was meager. This meager income was from the villages of Miyanipat, the growth of Tuna port and Rapar’s Ravri land. As stated earlier, the ruler of Kutch compared to his counterparts in our own land and abroad was even in the humble circumstances was ahead of his brethren. He never had an organized army. His only strength came from his close brethren, relatives and elders of the community. Nobody had the strength to replace the throne of Bhuj. The ruler was a big brother to the brethren of Kutch. Rao shri Deshalji and his dewan Devkaran with their mediocre power and the support of their brethren defeated Kesarkhan and Sher Bulandkhan the muslim extremists. Also they defeated the evil designs of Sindh’s Nagarparkar. Deshalji I preached ‘Deshra Parmeshwara’ and inspired his people by this love and religion. For example Rao Lakhpatji among the rulers of Kutch with his support of his brethren and landlords improved his status and moralized them. Lakhpatji further improved foreign trade, Industry and Ship movement. Art, literature and music and dance were the favourites of Lakhpatji and it is alleged that the vast fortune given to him by Deshalji was finished due to his lavish attitudes.

Despite his lavish attitudes he favored the setting up of industries in Kutch by Ramsinh Malam.



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