The events after establishment of Democracy

After the death of Sir Khengarji, his successors Maharao shri Vijayrajji and Madansinhji finished the Jadeja rule in thier short span of power. Kutch was joined in the Union of India in 1948. After that Kutch was given K status and the Chief Commissioner became the ruler.

As the people’s representative, late shri Bhavanji Arjan Khimji, late Gulabshankar Amrutlal Dholakia, late Premji Bhavanji, Late Krishnadas Punjwani, late Kantiprasad Antani, late Khimji Mandan Bhujpuria and late Ranchhodbhai Nathabhai became his official advisors.

The history is before us

As the last ruler of Kutch Shri Madansinhji was very close to Jawaharlal Nehru and he became the Ambassador to Norway representing the huge Kutch ruling family. In 1962 his brother Shri Himmatsinhji became the member of the Lok Sabha representing the Kutch community.

Party change : Intellectual symbol

Kutch has with the world and especially with Europe directly and indirectly fought with destructive forces. In the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajgopalachari defied the congress policies of economics and free market and made his own independant party. This party got immense response in Kutch and all the constituences in 1962 be it Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha got good response from the people. In this wave of anti congress, late Gulabshankar Amrutlal Dholakia left congress and won with a majority as an independant candidate.

Beginning of the process of Political degradation

The political history of Kutch and its speed look strange. The destiny of Kutch is sometimes an ant and sometimes like a lion. A semi-independant state at one time, becomes a state of Central rule, Premji Bhavanji Thakkar and Jamiyatrai Gulabshankar Vaidya become Chief and Deputy Chief

Ministers and advisors to Chief Commissioner and in 1956 Kutch becomes a part of Mumbai and becomes its one of the District and late Premji Bhavanji becomes the Chief Minister. In 1960, when the Gujrat state came into existence, Premjibhai alone is taken and that also as the Chief Minister of Gujrat.

This was the beginning of the political degradation in Kutch. From 1960 to 1967 leaving aside Premjibhai, Navinbhai Shastri became Cabinet Cheif in 1985.


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