History of oswal caste and it's migration in kutch

The name oswal is derived from oayaspur or osnagarThis was developed by the son of king bheem of ujjainfrom parmaar generation,mori branch in the seventh century.As this city was in ujjain it was named oayaspur or osnagar.

As time passed oswad city comprised of only paarkar ,sodha of uparkot, bhatti's of jesalmer and rathod of jodhpur.The main goddess worshipped by the people of this city is osiyadevi because she is the kuldevi of the king and shatriyas af osnagar.

After lord Mahavir in the vikram sawant 723 oogotan suriji gave his brilliant &capable students suripad in the maarwad region at bhinnamal nagar near vad village in the south direction under a vad tree,hence they were called vadgutchh.among these 84 suris, every suri got a particular gutch name which was named by the village they entered first while migrating.In this way vadgutchh branch has 84 gutch.

Bhinnamal nagar had seen a lot of ups and downs.According to the old scripts,in the year 1111 "Bodimugal",a muslim King had looted this nagar &destroyed it.

In the year 772 in the Shankeshwar gutch Acharya Udayprabhusuriji in Bhinnamal nagar addresed shrimali Brahman caste's 62 naqgar seth& pragvaah brahman caste's 8 seth.Hence Prabhanandsuriji student of Udayprabhusurijiwho addresed 70 villages acquired Suripad & his family was recognised as Nanakgutchh.(from the name Nanakpur).

In the nanakgutchh in the year 1133 Jaysinghsuriji gave Aacharyapad to Vijaychandra Upadhyay and alloted the name Aryarakshitsuriji and in this manner Aanchalgutchh was established.

In the Vallabhigutch in the year 1309 inthe 15th paat Aacharya Sinhprabhusuriji became the Aacharya of Aanchalgutchh. As a result Vallabhigutchh branch was over and that gutch's family was included in Aanchalgutchh(Vidhipakshgutchh).           

After veerprabhu, 52 years later ,Ratnaprabhusuriji became Aacharya in Parasnathji's 6th paat in the upkesh gutchh. In the year 1222 he travelled in Marwaad where he addressed a lot shatriyas thereby creating anaffection for Jain religion.After that he came to Osnagar(osiya village). In this village he gathered whole Marwaad, Sindh, south Punjab, Mewad, Parkar region's Jain shatriyas.In these shatriyas among branches of parmaar,chauhan,solanki,etc 18 kuls were present from 36 rajkuls.From these Thakore,Sawant, Sardar, Patavat,etc, Thakur, Rav, Raval,Ravat designations were possessed.

Suriji gathered all these shatriyas and decided some common clauses.In these clauses various Aachar, Vyavhaar,traditions& cultures were included.The clause included all the programmes related to religion & of public interest.

In this manner the whole group of shatriyas was given the name as Oswad derived from the oswad region which was later named as "Oswal".

In this manner established oswal samaj's leaders established "'Mahajan-sangh's" in their own regions.Each sangh was recognised as "Oswal Mahajan Sangh".As new shatriyas came Oswal caste's population started increasing.



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