In 1510 Rao Khengarji I descended from the old line of Odha assumed power with the full approval of the Ahmedabad Sultan and took on the title of "Rao". For the next 438 years Kutch was ruled by the Jadeja dynasty till its merger with the Indian Union in 1948.


Rao Khengarji -I     
Rao Bharmalji -I        
Rao Khengarji - II
Rao Raydhanji I
Maharao Pragmalji-I
Maharao Godji -I
Maharao Deshaiji -I

Bharmalji I (1586-1632)

In 1617 Jehangir, the Emperor of Delhi visited Ahmedabad. He held a Shahi darbar there. The rulers of Kutch participated and Rao Bharmalji also attended. Honours were exchanged. He was very impressed with the aged Rao Bharmalji and gifted him with an elephant, a she elephant, jewel studded sword and rings.

After that he asked his painter Govardhan to paint a picture of Rao Bharmalji. Now this picture is in the State library of Berlin. It is written below this picture that " this Ra Bara is the most powerful of the rulers of Gujrat and he is not presented before any ruler on this earth".

After Rao Bharmalji, Rao Bhojrajji, Rao Shri Khengarji II, Rao shri Tamachiji, Rao shri Raydhanji I, Rao shri Pragmalji I and Rao shri Godji I became the rulers of Kutch for a period of 100 years but without much happening. However in 1654 to 1662 in the rule of Rao Tamachiji, Jehangir died and his son Dara, the brother of Aurangzeb, took shelter in Kutch. Along with him a saint of Bukhara Shah Murad also set foot in Mundra. This saint is known as a Peer in Kutch and was respected by the rulers of Kutch for his all religion tolerance policy. At this time the British set foot as business men.


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