Era of technology and Ramsingh Malam

In Mandvi near Kutch, a glass factory, a clock manufacturing unit, Foundry for melting ferrous iron, and a factory for cannon making were started by Ramsingh Malam. Along with this he started an institute for teaching meenakari on Gold and silver articles. He opened a school for Vrijbasha and gave impetus to poetry and poets.

As such, Lakhpatji in comparison to his contemporaries,  his ancestors and his brother rulers was different and   science and technology, chemical analysis and beauty was  his forte and such an example is not available in Kutch  history. Leaving aside his cruelty to his father, Lakhpatji is an unique example who has not been given justice by historians.

Here I am reminded of the poets of Malva and the ruler of Malva Munj his cultural music which is being felicitated by Emperor Jehangir and Shahjahan’s life style influencing Aurangzeb.This image is being reflected in Lakhpatji’s life style. Aina Mahal is an ideal example of his love for culture.

Without touching the period of turmoil in which wars and attacks let us go into the present and talk about Maha Rao Pragmalji, Sir Khengarji and the last of them Maha Rao Shri Vijayrajji and Madansinhji till the clan of Jadejas but in between them let us first go into the details of Maharao Shri Raydhanji II’s rule at a first glance.

Raydhan and Sammo time

Rao Raydhan’s period is from 1778 to 1786. Raydhan had the love and affection of Ranivas and his upbringing is by Paswans’ ambiton, pride and prejudice. His father Maha Rao Shri Godji was a good influence on Raydhan who had the expertise in Shipping Industry and also exported Groundnut. He was the most unfortunate ruler of Kutch. He committed crimes in the name of Islam such as violence, destruction and murder and his atrocities became famous in the whole of India.



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