The beginning of British rule in Kutch

          Rao Raydhan and Jamadar Fateh Mohamad died in a span of 25 days in the year 1813. In the next seven years under the leadership of Rao Bharmalji,  the Union Jack of the British established itself on the soil of Kutch. Captain Mc Mardo set the British rule in Kutch.  He made the Landlords of Kutch and their rulers agree to British rule. At this time there was one strong person whose name is Dewan Laxmidas Kamdar. Let us talk about the present  history of Kutch in view of Deshalji. In 1819 the Company rule limited the powers of Kutch’s rulers by a treaty. They removed Bharmalji from the throne, and put  Deshalji on the throne.

                They put the British army in Kutch.  They put the ports of Kutch to British use. They stopped the drinking of milk by Kshatriya new born girl children. They gave separate rule to the Jadejas and the landlords to give effect to their ‘Divide and rule’ policy. After removing Bharmalji from the throne, the Child king Deshalji’s name was used but actually  the Regency Council ruled the state under the leadership of a British resident. Cow slaughter and peacock killing were banned in Kutch.

The trade of Kutch, Sea trade, Industries and agriculture got a very big setback during British interference but later the same got stabilized. Deshalji although 18 years of age took the management of law in his own hands. The trade with Africa especially Zanzibar improved significantly. Slowly and steadily the industrialization in Kutch got a set back which was started by Lakhpatji and Godji.



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